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We were asked so often about how teachers might use Teachers Change Lives 24/7 in a book club, we asked Jim how it could be best used. He was flattered, and replied:


“Teachers Change Lives 24/7 is a perfect book for a structured book study. Here is a suggested format that is simple and yet very productive.


Plan on 13 sessions, each approximately 45-60 minutes in length. Set a starting time and an absolute ending time. If the study is held after school, you might start at 3:30 and end no later than 4:30, if not earlier. Teachers like a firm and concise schedule.


Make the study meaningful. Assign certain teachers to be involved at different dates, rotating involvment fairly. It always helps to have some snack available at the beginning, and if the group is willing and able, maybe this can be something participants can provide. However, stress that the snacks should not be so involved as to take time from the study (serving hot food, dishing up ice cream, etc.)


Use a standard format for the study. Here is an example of one that works.


A designated participant opens with a brief overview of the selected chapter. Then another participant (designated or open) shares one item in the text of the chapter that was most informative or useful to them and explains why. After this, a third participant (designated or open) shares one “tip” from the end of the chapter that can be implemented, fits the school, or was especially meaningful to them, and gives some details.


If time permits, use the following questions to steer the rest of the study:


            How does this chapter relate to our school or your classroom?

            Has anyone had similar experiences or concerns as outlined in the chapter?

            Which of the ideas suggested could most easily be implemented here?

            How did this chapter change or validify your teaching?


I would start this study with a quick review of chapter 1, then use chapter 2 as the topic for study. The next 11 sessions would cover chapter 3-13. The final session would be a summary of the book and would focus on highlights. The format would be different since the final chapter is more motivational than operational.”


Might we add: Another way to capstone the value of this book is to invite the author to come and speak to the teachers. His “live” version of the stories and topics receives rave reviews everywhere (see them at testimonials).



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